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By continuous coronavirus pandemic, various countries, including Islamic countries, have been suffering from enormous public health damages, human mental security, and misinformation.

Regarding the fact that all the individuals have been involved, the necessity of communication among the different parts of society, ranging from medical organs, scientists to government authorities, is significant. Following that the broadcasting the correct news and cooperation of people seems to be a prier need.

Although the relation among the society organs has been essential in advance, having more connections and more knowledge enhancement becomes vital in these circumstances since everyone is involved in the control of the pandemic. These days health communication is becoming more necessary than before, whereas this is a knowledge base phenomenon and has to go forward with science.

Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP) and ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) emphasize the importance of knowledge exchanging among the policymakers, scientists, physicians, and people and believe Health communication is a vital way of lessening this pandemic's negative consequences.

Hence, the STEP and ECOSF on November 26, 10:30-13 GMT are holding a virtual panel discussion on the subject of "National policy and institutional framework for health communication," focused on:

  1. National Policies on Information Sharing and Training Methods
  2. Strategies for Dealing with COVID-19 Infodemic
  3. Policies on Preventing the Spread of Fake News during the COVID-19 Pandemic


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