Royan International Twin Congress

Royan International Twin Congress

Royan International Twin Congress (Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cells Biology & Technology) has demonstrated to be one of the most successful experiences of scientific gathering in Iran and the Middle East since 2000. During these twenty years of active involvement in sharing and exchanging scientific knowledge and expertise with renowned scientific institutes and scientists, Royan Congress has helped to form many shared scientific projects and exchanges.

After the successful experience of the 21st Royan International Virtual Congress (2020), Royan Congress intends to hold its 22nd Twin Congress while celebrating these twenty years of experiences as the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the model of face-to-face meetings all around the world. To adapt to the current situation, the Royan Congress Scientific and Executive Board of Director decided to transform the 22nd Royan International Congress into a fully virtual meeting

Royan International Virtual Congress (22nd Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine (1-3 September 2021)) and (17th Congress on Stem Cell Biology & Technology (4-5 September 2021)).

This year, Royan International Virtual Congress's main objective is to preserve and enhance the connections of researchers and practitioners from all over the world despite Covid 19 pandemic.  The Virtual congress will cover main topics through highly scientific & extremely innovative online sessions.

We have the pleasure of extending our sincere welcome to you to attend Royan International Virtual Twin Congress, 22nd Virtual Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine (1-3 September 2021), and 17th Virtual Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology (4-5 September 2021), which definitely will be a memorable occasion for developing a lifelong friendship in the coming years.


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