Hossein Ghanaati

Hossein Ghanaati

Nationality : Iranian
Born : 1963
H. Index : 19
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Dr. Hossein Ghanaati was born in 1963. He graduated from the Department of Radiology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

•Acquiring MRI and CT-Scan expertise and interventional from the UK

•Fellowship Neurointerventional

•More than 20 Innovations in the field of Radiological intervention:

•The first laser of discectomy

•The first treatment of endovascular retinoblastoma resistant to conventional treatment of candidal candidate

•Transjugular biopsy

•The first thoracic aorta

•Treatment of the first thyroid nodules with Alcohol by ultrasound guidance

•Port vein embolization to surgically treat untreatable metastases

•First treatment of cavernous

•Fistulas with detachable balloons

•The first treatment of stroke using rTPA

•The first Flow devotion stent placement for the treatment of giant aneurysms

•The first endovascular implantation in the pancreatic transplant patient.

•The first treatment of cerebral aneurysm using neocrylic and dozens of other achievements and innovations that you can find on the site.

•Currently, the following medical services are provided by Dr. Hossein Ghanaati

•Angiography- vertebroplasty- Discogel- RF- CVS- Biopsy- Osteoid Osteoma - Uterine embolization- PRT- Ozone therapy- Ozone therapy - FNA- Microwave- Prostate embolization- AVM