Iraj Harirchi

Iraj Harirchi

Nationality : Iranian
Position : Deputy minister of Health and Medical Education
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Dr. Haririchi began his higher education in 1984 in the field of medicine at the University of Tehran School of Medicine and graduated in 1993. In 1998, he received a bachelor's degree in general surgery from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tehran. Dr. Haririchi was a member of the faculty and an associate professor in the Department of Surgery, Department 2 of the Institute of Surgery.

  • Head of the Research Center for Breast Diseases, 1995-1998
  • Member of the Trauma Research Center Council since 2000
  • Head of Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) of Tehran  Medical Sciences University, 1991-1998
  • Vice Chancellor for Support of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 1998
  • Deputy Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education