Amal Amin

Amal Amin

Place of Birth : Egypt
Born : 1970
Position : Professor of at National Research Center, Egypt
Field of study : Organic chemistry, polymers, technology, nanocomposites, catalyses, nanotechnology


Dr. Amal Amin is a professor of polymers/ nanotechnology at the national research center in Egypt. She studied in, worked at, and traveled to more than 30 countries. She has distinguished scientific achievements including publications, projects, teaching, awards, etc. She is co-founder and executive committee member of the Global and Egyptian Young Academies. She is president, co-founder, and coordinator of the Egyptian Society and Arab Network for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. She is TWAS young affiliate, TWAS-AAAS science diplomacy alumni, and member of TWAS-TYAN and other reputable organizations. She actively participates in meetings of WEF, IAP, TWAS, GYA, WSF, AAAS, UNESCO, INGSA, NASAC, etc. She is a founding chair of the Women in Science without Borders’ (WISWB) Initiative, the World Forum for Women in Science Series, and the Youth Science Forum. In December 2020, she cofounded the Northern African Research and Innovation Management Association (NARIMA) initiative. Dr. Amal is a founder of the Science Diplomacy for the Future Initiative and executive committee member of Science in Exile. In 2021, Dr. Amal has received the Outstanding Women in Tech Award of Africa (Africa) and the award of science by women provided by the women for Africa Foundation (Spain). Recently, in 2021, Dr. Amal has been selected for the catalyst 2030 global initiative. In 2021, Dr. Amal is selected as member of the board of directors of ORCID. Dr. Amal's achievements were featured in women in Science-inspiring Stories from Africa, Success Stories of Young Scientists, Scientific African, Nature, the Next Truth, NASAC Book on Women and Sustainable Development in Africa, and Royal Society for Chemistry. Dr. Amal is interested in science communication, simplified science, increasing public awareness/literacy for science, science advice/diplomacy, innovation, science policy, science education, etc.

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