Aini Ideris

Aini Ideris

Nationality : Malaysia
Born : 1953
Position : Pro-Chancellor of International Medical University Malaysia, Malaysia
Field of study : Avian respiratory and immunosuppressive diseases, Newcastle disease, Avian influenza, Developing new vaccines
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Dr. Aini Ideris is a pioneer scientist in animal vaccine development in Malaysia and has outstanding contributions to poultry health, nationally and internationally. She plays an instrumental role in advancing efforts toward food security and sustainable food production in developing countries. As a distinguished scientist, Dr. Aini’s achievements are recognized nationally and internationally. She was elected to various Fellowships, such as Senior Fellow Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM), Fellow Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS), Inaugural Member Hall of Honour, World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA), Founding Fellow Malaysian College of Veterinary Specialists (MCVS), Fellow Malaysian Scientific Association (MSA), and Fellow Malaysian Institute of Marketing (MIM). She sits in the Council of ASM, IAS, WVPA, MCVS, MSA, and various scientific committees. Dr. Aini has won various national and international awards, among which are the prestigious National Academic Award, in the category of Product Commercialisation (2010), Top 10 researchers for National Innovation Award (2012), Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM, 2013), Women Icon Worker CUEPACs (2019), National Occupational Health and Safety Award for the Best CEO (Public Sector 2019), Matsuda Award (2018), by International Society for South-East Asian Agricultural Sciences (ISSAAS) (2018), Millennium Academic Achievement Award (2020), Excellent Community Leader Award (2020/2021), and Artdo International HRD Excellence Award (2022). Dr. Aini has a wealth of experience as an educator and administrator. She was the Senior Professor at UPM and the 8th Vice Chancellor of Universiti Putra Malaysia (2016-2020) and is currently the Pro-Chancellor of International Medical University Malaysia.

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