Rana Dajani

Rana Dajani

Place of Birth : Saudia Arabia
Born : 1969
Position : Tenured Professor at Hashemite University, Jordan
Field of study : Epigenetics and biomarkers of trauma among refugees and across generations, genetics of Circassian and Chechan populations in Jordan, biological evolution and Islam


Prof. Rana Dajani received her Ph.D. in molecular cell biology from University of Iowa. She is a tenured Professor at Hashemite University, Jordan, visiting professor Systems Awareness Lab, MIT, Cmalakova Fellow, Jepson School of Leadership, University of Richmond, Harvard Radcliff fellow, Eisenhower fellow, former center of studies director, Hashemite University, Yale, and Cambridge visiting professor. The research area of her expertise is epigenetics and biomarkers of trauma among refugees and across generations and world expert on the genetics of Circassian and Chechan populations in Jordan. She established stem cell research ethics law in Jordan and is an advocate for biological evolution and Islam. Dr. Dajani is member of UN women Jordan advisory council, writer in Science and Nature, established a women mentor network, and received partnerships for enhanced engagement in research (PEER) award in 2014. She is President of the Society for the Advancement of Science, Technology, and Innovation in the Arab World, women of influence in the Arab World 2021 Arabian Business magazine’s list, and awarded the Jordan star of science by His Majesty King Abdullah II, University of Iowa. She developed a community-based model “We love reading”, changing mindsets through reading to create change-makers, received Synergos Arab world social innovators 2009, Clinton Global Initiative 2010, Library of Congress best practices 2013, World Innovation Summit in Education Award 2014, King Hussein Medal of Honor 2014, Star Award 2015, IDEO.org best refugee education program 2015, UNESCO International Literacy Prize 2017, World Literacy Council Award 2018 and the Jacobs social entrepreneurship award 2018, Science, Technology and Innovation Award UN 2019, Ashoka Fellow 2019, UNHCR Nansen Refugee awardee 2020, Schwab Social entrepreneur 2022.

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