Muhammad Suhail Yousuf

Muhammad Suhail Yousuf

Nationality : Pakistan
Born : 1972
Position : Express Tribune Media Group
Field of study : Science and technology in Muslim countries, Climate change, Environment, and Science for development
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Muhammad Suhail Yousufis an award-winning science writer, documentary producer, translator, and science activist from Pakistan with more than 20 years of experience. He was Assistant Editor and Editor of the two most popular science magazine from Pakistan.

In 2006, He wrote a chapter about water retention dams in the semi desert area of Pakistan. The story appeared in the book “Dry – life without water” published by the Harvard University Press and was funded by the Third World Academy of Sciences.

He has written the highest numbers of stories from Pakistan for the UK-based website Science and Development Network, UK, and his first nine story pitches were rejected by the editors. He was the only journalist from Pakistan who was invited to attend the world conference of science journalists in 2017. Above all, his climate-related stories have been published in Alert Net and Hakai Magazine, Canada.

Despite many hurdles in his life and a lack of resources, he tried so hard to fill the gaps in education along with science writings. He successfully managed to get Master Degree in journalism with an astonishing 3.52 CGPA in 2022. He did this while doing his regular job of 8 hours a day!

Currently he is working in the Express Tribune Media group. He has produced thousands of original stories, interviews, reports, radio programs and translated 8 books from English to Urdu. The journey is still goes on.

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