Saarani Vengadesen

Saarani Vengadesen

Place of Birth : Malaysia
Born : 1995
Position : Senior Science Journalist of The Petri Dish, Malaysia
Field of study : Science Communication and Science Journalism in biotechnology and climate change


Saarani Vengadesenis a Science Communicator at Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC). She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology from University Malaysia Sabah and a Masters of Development Studies from University Malaya. Being a science communicator, Saarani strives to bridge the gap between science and society as science plays an integral role in the pursuit of economic, social well-being, and sustainable development. Saarani is the Senior Science Journalist of The Petri Dish, the first science newspaper in Malaysia. Saarani has recently attended Agribiotechnology short course at Michigan States University, United States of America. Saarani also has a social media presence through her Instagram and LinkedIn pages as she is passionate about promoting science literacy among the general public. Saarani has hands on experience communicating science in various areas such as Covid-19 vaccination, climate change, energy security, agribiotechnology, and biosensor. She also actively does science outreach programs for school students beyond the classroom. Saarani also engages with graduates, research institutes, scientists, policymakers, and politicians to achieve targets based on the projects. The trained science communicator recently delivered an international science communication talk at the International Seminar for Scientific Dissemination and Research Ethics (INFINITE).

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