Ahmed Shihab Albahri

Ahmed Shihab Albahri

Place of Birth : Iraq
Position : Associate Professor at the Iraqi Commission for Computer and Informatics and the University of Information Technology and Communications, Iraq
Field of study : Artificial Intelligence, Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Expert System, Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM), Machine Learning, and Information Security with Medical Informatics, Medical Research methods, Bioinformatics and Health Sciences



Prof. Ahmed Shihab Albahri has an illustrious academic career that exemplifies his strong commitment to teaching and learning. With nine years of teaching experience, Dr. Albahri has consistently demonstrated a dedication to innovative curriculum design and delivery methods. His teaching abilities have garnered recognition from esteemed institutions such as the Iraqi Commission for Computer and Informatics (ICCI) and UOITC University, where he has received awards as a top lecturer for multiple years.

Furthermore, Dr. Albahri has been honored with the "Academic Award" in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for the years 2021 and 2022, bestowed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Iraq. His notable achievements include a publication on the topic of Trustworthy and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, which showcases his expertise and contributions to the academic community. Additionally, Dr. Albahri holds prestigious editorial positions in reputable journals, further highlighting his recognition and standing in the field.

He has an impressive publication record, with over 100 research articles published in high-impact international journals. The majority of these articles have been recognized in the top tiers (Q1 and Q2) of the Web of Science and Scopus. His publications have garnered a total citation count of 5296, reflecting the significant impact of his work. Dr. Albahri has achieved an H-index of 44, indicating the high citation impact of his publications, and an i10-index of 76. In addition to his publications, Dr. Albahri has been actively involved in collaborative research projects, having contributed to more than 38 funding projects. These collaborations have allowed him to work alongside esteemed co-authors from renowned institutions, further enhancing the quality and impact of his research.

Dr. Albahri has produced a novel multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) method called (1) a novel technique for the reorganization of opinion order to interval levels (TROOIL), (2) hybrid decision-making and voting (HDMV), and (3) subjective and objective decision by opinion score (SODOSM), (4) Fuzzy decision opinion score method (FDOSM), and (5) fuzzy-weighted zero-inconsistency (FWZIC).

  • Associate Professor at the ICCI and UoITC, Iraq
  • Postdoc research fellow at UPSI, Malaysia
  • World’s Top 2% Data Science and AI Scientists by Elsevier BV, Stanford University, US, 2021 and 2022
  • Rank 1st among Iraq and UoITC by AD Scientific Index
  • Member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS)
  • Associate Editor of IMU-Elsevier, CMMM and IJTA-Hindawi
  • Editor in Chief of IJCSM
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