Ahmed E Hassan

Ahmed E Hassan

Place of Birth : Egypt
Position : Director of Software Analysis and Intelligence Lab, Professor at Faculty of Arts and Science, Queen's University
Field of study : Mining Software Repositories, Software Analytics, Empirical Software Engineering, Software Performance Engineering, AIOps



Prof. Hassan is ACM and IEEE fellow. Recognition by both leading societies is quite rare, with <0.1% of IEEE members (400K members in 160 countries) elevated to Fellowship, similarly, for ACM Fellows. Hassan is an NSERC Steacie Fellow (Canada’s most prestigious science and engineering prize). Hassan garnered the 2020 inaugural New Directions IEEE TCSE award for sustained outstanding contributions in establishing and growing over the past two decades a new field that examines the application of machine learning to SE data. Currently, Hassan is a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Software Analytics and the NSERC/BlackBerry Software Engineering (SE) Chair at the School of Computing of Queen’s University Canada (http://sail.cs.queensu.ca). Prof. Hassan is the only academic worldwide recognized by both ACM and IEEE for his training and education leadership as a Distinguished Educator of IEEE TCSE and an Influential Educator of ACM SIGSOFT, having trained 30+ professors in top global research universities (e.g., Waterloo, McGill, Toronto, Calgary, Alberta, Montréal, Concordia, Kyushu, Melbourne, and Monash). A 2019 Elsevier study recognized Hassan as the world’s most prolific SE researcher in the past decade (2007-2017) (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jss.2018.10.029).

Hassan is a world leader and pioneer in the engineering of ultra-large-scale (ULS) systems, where millions of users perform billions of transactions. Early tools and techniques developed by his team are already integrated into products that impact the daily lives of millions worldwide. Hassan's industrial experience includes helping architect the Blackberry platform and working at the IBM Research Almaden Research Lab and the Nortel Computer Research Lab.


  • Fellow of IEEE, ACM, NSERC Steacie
  • Distinguished Educator of IEEE TCSE and an Influential Educator of ACM SIGSOFT
  • Member of New College of Royal Society of Canada
  • Canada Research Chair
  • Industrial Research Chair
  • Full Professor
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