Lotfi Belkacem

Lotfi Belkacem

Place of Birth : Tunisia
Position : President of University of Sousse and Director of Laboratory Research for Economy, Management and Quantitative Finance at Institute of High Commercial Studies of Sousse
Field of study : Survey and sampling, Data Analysis, Quantitative Methods in Management, Entrepreneurship, Applied Economics, Actuarial and Finance Mathematics, Measurement and Control of Credit Risk, Descriptive Statistics, Probability Theory, Inferential Statistics, Econometrics, Stochastic Process, Extreme Value Theory in Finance and Insurance, Operational Risk, Credit risk



Prof. Lotfi BELKACEM obtained his Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Paris IX – Dauphine and Versailles-based Data Processing and Automatic National Research Institute (INRIA). He also studied Engineering, Statistics and Economy at the Paris-based National School of Statistics and Economic Administration (ENSAE). Actually, He is a full professor of Quantitative Methods, President of the University of Sousse and the Director of Laboratory Research for Economy, Management and Quantitative Finance (LaREMFiQ) at the Institute of High Commercial Studies (IHEC) of Sousse. He served as a Vice-President of the University, in charge of training, programs and professional integration between 2018 and 2020 and a Dean of the IHEC from 2002 to 2008. His research focuses on statistics and related fields, quantitative finance, insurance, employment economics, and entrepreneurship. Lotfi BELKACEM has supervised more than 35 PhD theses in the field of Applied Quantitative Methods. He is also author of several scientific publications in indexed and impacted international reviews.


  • Analysis and design of statistical survey (students, businesses, training, university environment, employment, entrepreneurship, consumption, etc.)
  • Pedagogical engineering: design, follow up, higher education programs
  • Study of professional insertion of new graduates and professional training
  • Job program assessment of new graduates
  • Risk assessment in finance and insurance
  • Islamic finance
  • Design of quality indicators in higher education
  • Modeling and statistical analysis of extreme values
  • Entrepreneurship research
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