Hamlet Isayev

Hamlet Isayev

Place of Birth : Georgia
Position : Founder of Khazar University, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees of Khazar University, Co-founder of Eurasian Academy, Founder of Dunya School, Co-founder of East-West Teaching University
Field of study : Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, History of Science and Culture, Philosophy, Philosophy of History, History and Philosophy of Education, Literature, Language and Translation Studies



Prof. Hamlet Isayev is a mathematician, social scientist, founder of Khazar University, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees of Khazar University, co-founder of Dunya School-integrated primary, secondary and high schools, co-founder of East-West Teaching University, co-founder and one of the five founding members of Eurasian Academy. Hamlet Isayev finished high school with a gold medal and was admitted to the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Azerbaijan State University in 1965 and graduated in 1970 with honors. He was sent to Lomonosov Moscow State University for graduate study and research. In 1973, he received a Ph.D. degree in Physical-Mathematical Sciences and a Doctor of Science degree from Steklov Institute of Mathematics of Soviet Academy of Sciences. Hamlet Isayev’s academic and literary works cover a broad range of studies in mathematics and areas of humanities, social sciences, philosophy, education, and literature. He is also a translator, poet, publicist, editor, and creative writer. Hamlet Isayev was recognized as one of the living world polymaths –"The Polymath: Unlocking the Power of Human Versatility", by Waqas Ahmed, Wiley, London, 2019. In 2021, he was elected Foreign Member of Georgian National Academy of Sciences. He was awarded numerous titles: TÜRKSOY Award (2017), Zahid Xalilov Prize for scientific and public activities (2016), International Cultural Medal of Shahriyar (2016), “Jafar Jabbarly” Award (2010), “Khazar” Award (2010), Honorary Doctor of Euro University (2008), First Vice-President of EURAS (2008), “Samad Vurghun” Award (2005), “Golden Pen” Award (2004), Yusif Mamedaliyev Award (1994), for the contributions to science, education, culture and literature.


2023- Member of the International Network of Experts, Nizami Ganjavi Foundation 2022- Co-founder of East-West Teaching University, Georgia 2022- Member of Supreme Council, The Union of Azerbaijani Writers 2018- Founding member of Caucasian Plato Society 2013 – 2020 Member of Board of Trustees, Eurasia Partnership Foundation. 2012- Co-founder/Founding Member, Eurasian Academy 2011–present Chairman, Board of Directors and Trustees, Khazar University 1999- Founder, Khazar University Sport Club, with Football Club in Supreme Division (1999-2004), Basketball Club in Supreme Division (1999 - present), Chess Club (2005), and others 1998- Co-founder of Dunya School 1995- Founder, Khazar University Press 1995–present Editor, Research periodicals "Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (Former “Journal of Azerbaijani Studies") and “Khazar Journal of Science and Technology”; Editor of "Khazar Review", a literary and scientific magazine; Founder of “Azerbaijan Archaeology” journal. Member of other editorial boards 1991–present Organizer of various international symposia and conferences 1991–2011 Founder and President, Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan 1988-1990 Chairman, Department of Mathematics, Leningrad Institute for Economics and Finance, Baku Campus 1981-1982 Research Fellow, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, V.A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Moscow, Russia 1979–present Visiting Professor and conference participant at various universities and research centers around the world 1979–1981 Associate Professor, Azerbaijan State University 1975–1976 Research Fellow, Lomonosov Moscow State University 1973–1988 Senior Scientist, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR

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