Hom Nath Chalise

Hom Nath Chalise

Place of Birth : Nepal
Position : Professor at Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Field of study : Aging, Elderly Care, Demography, Public Health



Dr. Hom Nath Chalise is a social Gerontologist, Demographer, and Researcher. He is also a faculty member, MPhil lead PhD Programme, Central Department of Population Studies, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. His expertise includes aging, elderly care, WASH, Labor migration, social security of older people, population management, and curriculum development. Dr. Chalise is working as a researcher in the different health and social science fields. He is also a trainer in the field of population management and older people care. He is also a certified Master Trainer at the Training Institute for Technical Instruction, Nepal. Dr. Chalise was appointed as the Vice-Chairperson of the Provincial Planning Commission of Bagmati Province, Nepal. He works as a freelance consultant to various professionals and different organizations nationally and internationally. He is also appointed as an expert member of the WHO TAG Advisory group related to the UN Decade of Healthy Aging. He was awarded the “Best Oral Paper Presentation Award” at the APRU conference held in Tokyo, Japan in 2019. His team also won the HORIBA Research grant in 2008 in Tokyo and he was invited to South Korea to present its findings next year. He has also worked as a country coordinator for a Japanese Company with business research work in India. Dr. Chalise also serves as an editorial board member and article editor for several journals. He is also regularly participating in international scientific conferences and has published more than 40 research papers in international journals. He has worked in Japan, the USA, and India. Dr Chalise also has working experience with the World Bank, UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO, and HAI.

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