Samar Mahmoud ElFeky

Samar Mahmoud ElFeky

Place of Birth : Egypt
Position : Regional Adviser of Health Promotion and Social Determinants of Health, Regional Focal Person for Health for Older People at EMRO
Field of study : Public Health, Health Promotion, Social Determinants of Health, Healthy Settings, Community-based Initiatives, Research, Health System, MCH, Healthy Ageing and Health for Older People



Dr. Samar ElFeky is a Medical Doctor qualified in Public Health from University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, and in Health Systems Research from Johns Hopkins University, USA. Dr. ElFeky has working experience in WHO/EMRO in promoting health and well-being, health for older people, social determinants of health, integrating health in all policies (HiAP), health literacy, and community engagement. She participated in introducing Age-friendly Cities in countries of the region and capacity building for healthy aging and Integrated Care for Older People using WHO ICOPE. She also developed a Regional Framework for Integrated Care for Older People at primary healthcare and age-friendly healthcare facilities. Dr. Samar is the responsible technical person for the WHO Collaborating Center for Healthy Ageing and Dementia in Hamad Corporation, Qatar from the WHO side.

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