Rustam B. Rustamov

Rustam B. Rustamov

Nationality : Azerbaijan
Born : 1955
Position : Director, eiLink Research and Development Center of Khazar University, Azerbaijan
Field of study : Space science and technology, Remote sensing and geographical information system, space instrumentation – sensor and detector systems development
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Rustam B. Rustamov was born on May 25, 1955, in the Shirvan region of Azerbaijan. He has completed his Ph.D. at Russian Physical-Technical Institute (ST. Petersburg, Russian Federation), in 1984. He has extensive directing and managing experience in various public, private engineering, and scientific organizations. He is presently holding a position at eiLink Research & Development of Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan. At eiLink he works as managing director of the center, supporting the work of the center and contributing invaluably with his insight and experience.

He has served as the Acting Director General of the Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency, and is now a freelance expert on Space Science and Technology. Rustam primarily specializes in space instrumentation and remote sensing and GIS technology.

Current Research and Recent Achievements:
  • He is an author of twelve books of worldwide recognized publication houses and about one hundred twenty scientific papers.

  • United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs – member of Action Team:

- Improve the management of Earth’s natural resources;

- Enhance weather and climate forecasting;

- Improve public health services;

- Implement an integrated global system to manage natural disaster mitigation relief efforts;

- Promote sustainable development by applying results of space research;

- Enhance capacity building by developing human and budgetary resources. 

  • Implementation of the technical support project "Strengthening Capacity in Inventory of Land Cover/Land Use by Remote Sensing" under contribution FAO UN as a project manager from 1999 for two years duration (ArcView GIS version 3.2 software application)

  • Project Coordinator for Feasibility Study and Technical Assessment of Facilities for Storage of Liquid Waste Products. Client: BP, (2005) 

  • Project Coordinator and Quality Management for the BTC work related to small upgrades, (2005)

  • Project Coordinator and Quality Management for the Tank hydrotest work. Client: BP, (2005)

  • Project Coordinator for Project Management Consulting for AZERCELL, (2005)

  • Technical assessment the suitability of the tank farm operated by the Marine Military Force (MMF) for storage of waste brines and other potential hazardous waste liquids. Client: BP, Geodesic Survey at PSN Mud Plant, (2006)

  • Feasibility Study for the Rail Transportation of LPG Products. Client: BP, (2007)

  • Environmental Due Diligence of BP AzSPU Northern Route Export Pipeline. Client ERM, (2007)

  • Application of Remote Sensing and GIS technology to reduce flood risk under Provention Research & Action Grants project in association with the University of Wisconsin – Madison Disaster Management Centre, USA - project mentor for 2007-2008 years

  • European Union Building International Partnerships Research Programmes, Europe’s Ninth Framework Programme for research and technology development FP9 Cooperation Programme for environment, including climate change. Black Sea countries project proposal submission on “Action in the domain of Earth Observation to support capacity building in Global Observation System”, Consortium Core Working Group (CWG) member, (2009)

  • Rare Vegetation Monitoring in Azerbaijan Republic, Projects against climate change, An initiative launched by Spot Image, (2008-2010)

  • Rare Vegetation Monitoring in Azerbaijan Republic, Follow-up, funding by Rufford Small Grant Foundation (RSGF), (2010-2011)

  • The hybrid system of distributed generation from renewable and conventional AC/DC networks, Scientific Grant within the framework of Scientific and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU), (2015-2016

  • From 1993 to present: Design and developing new and existing remote sensing and GIS systems. Provide consultation to clients and companies.

  • Management, supervision - period of the deputy and acting director general of National Aerospace Agency;

  • Cambridge Scholars Publishing International Editorial Advisory Board Member on Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science;

  • Panel of Experts for the assessment of applications/papers of candidates for selection for the post of Professor and Associate Professor in the Institute of Space and Planetary Astrophysics at Karachi University, Pakistan