Muslim Scientists’ Gathering Under One Roof Is a Dream Come True

Muslim Scientists’ Gathering Under One Roof Is a Dream Come True

MSTF Media reports:

Farhan Jalees Ahmad, professor of pharmaceutical sciences in the Department of Pharmaceutics at Jamia Hamdard University, highlighted the merits of holding the Mustafa Prize award ceremony and maintained that attending this event was “a wonderful experience” for him.

Commenting on the necessity of holding the Mustafa Prize, he stated that “in today's world it is necessary to bring the Umma [Muslim community] together at one platform in order to exchange scientific ideas, engender the feeling of Islamic brotherhood, and regain our old scientific glory. This is made possible by Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF).”

“Muslim scholars and scientists are doing well, but prior to the platform provided by MSTF, Muslim scientists were islands of excellence that were not connected to each other. I am thankful to MSTF for making this connection possible and gathering all of them together,” he added.

Putting forward suggestions to develop the scientific achievements in the Islamic world, Jalees Ahmad stated that “future achievements can be accelerated by exchanging knowledge, resources, and ideas. It is necessary to create various parallel groups and platforms on different specializations, identify mentors for bright young scholars, and guide these scholars to become the future Muslim scientists.”

Farhan Jalees Ahmad obtained his BPharm degree at the University of Delhi, and his PhD in Pharmaceutics at Jamia Hamdard University, India. His research focus is on Nanomedicine and he has published a number of research papers on Nanomedicine in peer-reviewed journals.

Held biennially, the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize is a science and technology award granted to top researchers and scientists of the Islamic world. The third round of the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize was held in November 2019 at Tehran's Vahdat Hall.