6th STEP

The Mustafa Prize Week held 9-12 Nov.,2019 pivoting on Mustafa Award Ceremony alongside with the Science & Technology Exchange Program (STEP) and EISA Summit likewise, was jointly organized by Mustafa(pbuh) Science & Technology Foundation (MSTF) with the pivotal accompaniment of Tehran University of Medical Science, Sharif University of Technology, Imam Sadiq(a.s) University, Al Zahra University, and IRIB University and cooperation of Isfahan University, Urmia University, Amir Kabir University of Technology, Tehran University, Ayandegan Research Institute, Institute of Communication and Information Technology, Materials and Energy Research Institute, Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry, Pardis Techno Park and Azadi Innovation Factory on the basis of the insights on strategies of sharing capacities and capabilities of the Islamic World in Science and Technology to overview humanity’s challenge.

The Mustafa Prize Week was participated by 89 delegates representing 40 countries, many students and graduate researchers including faculty members participated in this event. The program included panel, round table discussions, workshops and symposiums, keynote speeches and invited talks focusing on the following topics:

  1. Science collaboration in the Islamic World
  2. Science communication
  3. Financing for Science and Technology
  4. Water-Energy & Environment Nexus
  5. Health, People & Environment
  6. Women in Science & Technology

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